Sunday, 14 November 2010

day 11+12+13+14

this is a pretty accurate depiction of my state on thursday rofl
for some reason I fell asleep at 8pm and of course got no art done at all... and the days afterwards were a haze of mediocrity so I didn't feel like posting the results orz

see?? yechhh

anyhow, today's is just a scribble of a possible holiday outfit sob... I don't have that blazer, but I was thinking of buying it since I have no fancy clothing to wear anymore lol (the rest is pretty much what my memory tells me I have in my closet... somewhere)
I honestly can't tell if it's hideous or not, but w/e I'll wear it anyway I DO WHAT I WANT

also I think I might be finally getting my likeness into these drawings haha chubby :')

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